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Elements of Disco (2020) – Performed by the Carducci Quartet, St David's Hall. [String Quartet]

Six Movements for String Quartet (2019) – Performed by the Bloomsbury Quartet, Wigmore Hall. [String Quartet]

Piano Quartet No. I (2019) – Performed by Kaleidoscope Collective, Cheltenham Festival. [Piano Quartet: vln/vla/vc/pno]

Three Movements (2018) – Performed by BCMG, May 2018, CBSO Centre. [fl,dbl.alt.fl/ob/cl,]

A Dancer (2019) – Performed by NME, Feb 2018, Elgar Concert Hall. [fl/ob/cl/bn/tpt/hn/tbn/prc/hp/pno/vln/vln/vla/vc/db]

All Things (2018) – First performed by the Ligeti Quartet, Feb 2018, Barber Institute. [String Quartet]

Earthly Delights (2017) – First performed by BCMG, May 2017, CBSO Centre. [fl,dbl.picc/cl,,]

October Tune (2017) – First performed by London Symphony Orchestra Chamber Ensemble, May '17, LSO St Luke's. [fl,dbl.picc/cl,]

Double Reed Quartet (2017) – For UoB Reed Quartet, first performance 2017, The Barber Institute of Fine Arts, Birmingham. [ob/eh/bn/bn]

VENN (2016) – First performed by the University of Birmingham Flute Ensemble. [Flute Ensemble of 16 concert flutes]
By Dreams (2016) – First performed by the HERMESensemble. [fl/cl/pno]
Break (2015) – First performed by The Britten Sinfonia, West Road Concert Hall Cambridge, cond. Hugh Brunt. [cl/vib/vln/vln/vla/vc/db]
Now Then (2013) – First performed by BCMG, cond. Christopher Austin. [cl/hn/tbn/perc/gtr/hp/vln/vln/vla/vc/db]

Tombeau de Couperin (2012) – [Creative Arrangement of Ravel] First performed by CHROMA [cl/vla/vc/acc/hp]
To Make People Seem Interesting (2012) – [Amplified Ensemble] First performed by Decibel, cond. Daniele Rosina. [vln/rec/egtr/perc/pno]
Blood On The Floor (2012) – [Creative Arrangement of Mark-Anthony Turnage] – Large Ensemble, First performed by Thallein, cond. Sian Edwards.
Artemis’ Truth (2013) – First performed by The Schubert Ensemble. [vln/vla/pno]
Fish Blood (2012) – First performed by The Schubert Ensemble. [Piano Quartet: vln/vla/vc/pno]
Three Short Pieces (2012) – First performed by The Castalian Quartet [String Quartet]
Yggdrasil (2011) – First performed at The Old Joint Stock Theatre [fl/vln/vln/syth]

On the Feeling of Release (2011) – First performed by CHROMA [cl/vla/vc/pno]
In Two Minds (2010) – First performed by CHROMA [String Quartet]



AUGUST TUNE: Running Music (2023) – Performed by the Purcell Symphony Orchestra, St John's Smith Square, cond. Paul Mann. [Orchestra & Electronics]

Symphony of Us (2022) – Performed by the Orchestra of the Swan, Coventry Cathedral. [Orchestra & 7 On-stage Narrators]

Flux (2016) – Performed by the London Symphony Orchestra, cond. François-Xavier Roth.
Herb & Spice Music (2013) – First performed by the Birmingham Conservatoire Symphony Orchestra, cond. Edwin Roxburgh.
Adagio (2013) – [Vln. & Orch.], First performed/led by Margaret Faultless & the Birmingham Baroque Orchestra.
Unison Music (2012) – First performed by Toy Sound Circus Orchestra, cond. Dan Watson.
Triptych (2016) 
The Blue Hour (2012) 



BLACK EYES (2015) – [Opera Scene] First performed on ‘InTheSky’ Tour by Rebecca Hardwick & George Chambers, [Soprano & Tenor Soloists]
Hippolytus (2013-14) – [2 Act: full length], First performed & recorded at the Birmingham Conservatoire, [Cast of 30 vocalists and instrumentalists].



Piano Suite III (2018) – Solo Piano Suite - performed by various. 

Preludes (2018) – Solo Piano Suite - For George Fu, first performed on Listenpony tour 2018 (07-09 May: Birmingham, Manchester, London) 

Passage (2018) – Solo Piano - First performed by Daniel Fardon, CrossCurrents Festival 2018, Birmingham.

for Cello (2017) – Solo Cello - First performance TBA

Saudade (2017) – Solo Piano - For William Howard, performed as part of his 'Love Songs Project', Hoxton Hall, London, 
Foil (2016) – Solo Piano - For Pianist Benjamin Powell of Psappha, performed and recorded January 2017, St Michael's Manchester.
A Story About For Solo Piano (2015) – CD Album release, performed by Daniel Fardon, Recorded at West Road Concert Hall, Cambridge University.

Music for Digital Piano and Bathtime (2013) – First performed by Daniel Fardon. [Synth/Electronics]
Five Animal Related Songs For Solo Female Voice (2014) – First performed by Anna Shackleton.
Autumn Cannibalism For Solo Alto Saxophone (2013) – First performed by Naomi Sullivan.
The Transparent Simulacrum of the Feigned Image For Solo Cello (2013) – First performed by Sara Gale.
Son Of Man (2013) – First performed by Daniel Fardon, Carrs Lane Centre, Birmingham. [Solo Piano & Video]
Dream Mints for Solo Piano (2011) – Performed by Daniel Fardon on BBC Midlands Today for BBC Mastermind.



Pigeon Riffs (2020) – Performed by Luke Newby & Naomi Sullivan [Clarinet in Bb & Baritone Saxophone in Eb]

Three North London Pubs (2019) – Performed by Sounding Cities, Wigmore Hall Bechstein Session [Clarinet (dbl. & Saxophone (Alto/Baritone)]

Somewhere Among the Clouds Above (2018) – Performed by Jennifer Akroyd & Luke Riedlinger University of Birmingham Great Hall [Sop & Alto Sax]

Interlude (2017) – Performed by Fergus Mowbray & Daniel Fardon at the University of Birmingham Summer Festival of Music. [Bass Guitar & Piano]

Rhapsody (2016) – Performed by Darragh Morgan & Mary Dullea at Royal Holloway, Windsor Building, November 2016. [Violin & Piano]
TOAST – Song Cycle (2017) – Recital tour beginning 2017. [Soprano & Piano]
Suite for Flautist & Cellist (2015) – First performed by Simone Maurer & Axel De Jenlis.
Freundschaftsbeziehungen (2015) – First performed by Soh-Yon Kim & Maksim Stsura. [Violin & Piano]
Four Ditties (2013) – First performed by Charlotte Curwen & Daniel Fardon, Birmingham Conservatoire. [Sopranino recorder & Contrabassoon]




 (2017) – For Birmingham Riffs Journal, to be published in print and online, Autumn 2017.

When Icicles Hang By The Wall (2017) – For Birmingham Journal of Literature and Language (BJLL), published in print and online, Summer 2017:

Can be found online here



Three North London Pubs (2019) – Film & music by Daniel Fardon (Sounding Cities Duo)
Detour (2015) – Original music for the film by Karoliina Pulkkinen. 


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