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HACKNEY MUSIC LIVE brings classical music of the highest quality to Hackney audiences at affordable prices in a friendly relaxed setting.



October 22nd 2024:  The Fitzwilliam Quartet @ Sutton House

"…The Fitzwilliam Quartet, whom I admire very much. Thank you for a superlative performance of my thirteenth quartet.”


                                              ~ D. Shostakovich


(in a personal letter on his String Quartet No. 13, York University in 1972)

The Fitzwilliam is now one of the longest established string quartets in the world: founded in 1968 by four Cambridge undergraduates, the group quickly achieved international recognition as a result of its members’ personal friendship with Dmitri Shostakovich and their subsequent championing of his string quartets following his death. He entrusted them with the Western premières of the last three, and before long they had become the first ever group to perform and record all fifteen. 

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